Dish Dash & Deian unveil Alkabalia at Avyka Ibiza!

Dish Dash & Deian unveil Alkabalia  at Avyka Ibiza!

The event will run every Friday from June 28th to July 19th at Avyka Ibiza (ex Sankeys, Playa d’en Bossa).

The promoters said:”Get ready for an unparalleled clubbing experience as music maestros Deian and Dish Dash introduce their latest brainchild, Alkabalia, to the iconic party island of Ibiza. This innovative concept will take over Avyca, a new premier club, every Friday from 28th June till 19th July, transforming it into a hedonistic haven of rhythm and unity.

Albakalia, derived from the Arabic word “Qabila,” meaning “tribe,” is more than just a series of parties; it’s a celebration of “Embracing Unity in Diversity.” Deian and Dish Dash aim to create a unique atmosphere that blends the rich cultural heritage of the Middle East with Ibiza’s legendary clubbing scene.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the sounds of Ritual Music, Rhythm, Groove, and Percussion, curated meticulously to create a hedonistic and punchy vibe. The music will pulsate through Avyca, inviting partygoers to lose themselves in the intoxicating beats and rhythms.
The design style of Albakalia is both mysterious and provocative, perfectly capturing the essence of a hedonistic tribal celebration. The aesthetic pays homage to Ibiza’s vibrant spirit while maintaining a subdued elegance suitable for the club setting. Expect a sensory journey that tantalizes the eyes and stirs the soul, creating an immersive environment where diversity is celebrated through art and music.Deian and Dish Dash, known for their groundbreaking contributions to the Middle Eastern music scene, are taking their talents to new heights with Alkabalia. Their vision is to create a space where people from all walks of life can come together, dance, and celebrate the universal language of music. “
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