Zaia’s Fasting Week around the Corner – The Greatest Remedy, The Physician Within!

Zaia’s Fasting Week is one beautiful news of Ibiza 2022!

The organizers said:”Fasting is a way to remove toxins from
our body. A simpler way to eliminate the extra substances and letting out body breath
in the real sense. Fasting is a way to reconnect to Mother Nature. In short, absorbing
the true essence of life and absorbing the gratitude within.
Zaia is here with a fun fasting week this November, and then later in January,
February, and May of 2023. A space-time to take care of yourself and experience a
real letting go of everyday life. In one of the most heartwarming places of Spain, they
have launched the most exciting fasting week.
Want to have a fun relaxing week away from your everyday stress? You, will
definitely be amazed by the package offer. They have a full package of services
including the following:
6 nights depending on the chosen room (shared or individual)
·      Daily supervision by the naturopath and monitoring of your fasting stay. morning
vegetable/fruit juices
·      Vegetable broths
·      The workshops
·      Yoga sessions
·      Bodily awakenings
·      Transportation to and from the airport
·      Drinks (herbal teas and water)
·      Hikes
·      Food recovery meal
·      Hot water bottles

We all have become so involved in our daily lives that we hardly think about spending
time with the nature so that we can be refreshed. Well, this fasting week bring you a
chance to have a daily walk, yoga sessions in the middle of Spain so that you can
inhale the nature’s essence.
This magical fasting week is starting from November 5 till November 11.  However,
you don’t need to worry, as they have planned a few more fasting weeks after
November, including January, February, and one in May 2023.  These positive
changes will improve your life and lead to healthier living standards. Zaia is all set to
bring this revolutionary chance. To know more about these fasting weeks, go to
Zaia’s website

Email: “

Credits: cover picture by Amelie Nicolet.