Ibiza by night meets The Junkies! An exclusive interview!

Vince Nicolazzo and Val C are The Junkies (in the pictures below), two dj’s well known and respected in Canada!

They have already played in Ibiza last summer at Sands in a big session that included names as carlo Lio, nathan barato and Dubfire..and Ibiza by night met them to talk about their present and future projects!


IBN: So how has started your musical project?

The Junkies: “We’ve been good friends for well over a decade. Started out as independent DJ‘s with a mutual respect for one another so it was only natural for us to work together. A few years later we began to dabble in music production and the rest as they say is history”.

IBN: How do you define your music?

The Junkies: “We always get asked this question and must say it’s always the hardest question to answer. It’s really difficult to narrow down one specific style or type of music that defines us. We are drawn to many different styles and genres. Having grown up in the late 80’s and early 90’s we were exposed such an amazing variety of music. From electronic to pop to hip hop and back again. Let’s just say that our music will always be at the cutting edge and allow the people on the dance floor to decide”.


IBN: You recently worked with two Canadian artists well known and respected in Ibiza, Nathan Barato and Carlo Lio. How did your “UNION” project come about?

The Junkies: “We’ve all been resident DJ’s in Toronto for years so we were always playing the same parties and became great friends over the years. Carlo and Nathan started playing some events together and we joined them shortly after. The 4 of us all decided it was time for us to give back something to all our local fans and friends who have been supporting us over the years with a marathon Christmas event. The concept was simple we keep playing until you all keep dancing. “UNION” was born at that moment”.

IBN: Which are your future projects? Do you plan to come to play in Ibiza next summer?

The Junkies: “At the moment we’re quite busy working in the studio finishing up a bunch of original material. We’ve just recently signed follow-up EP’s to SCI+TEC, MOOD and INTEC plus a few others to be confirmed shortly. We’re definitely planning to come play in Ibiza this year. We’ll post more info regarding gigs in the coming months”.

IBN: How was your experience in Ibiza? What do you like most about the island?

The Junkies: “We’ve been visiting the island for a few years now and absolutely love it! Last year we had the honour to play alongside our SCI+TEC family at Sands with an event hosted by Dubfire. There is nothing quite like being able to share your music with the island. The sun, people and parties have a vibe like no other place in the world”.

Thanks Vincent and Val! And see you in Ibiza soon!

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