Design weed, the creativity during Milan design Week!

During Milan design Week 2024 took place “Design weed” a truly interesting & creative concept that took place at Hemp Embassy , Viale Tibaldi 3, Zona Navigli, Milano!

The organizers said:”It was a pleasure to participate. We thank William Gai, organizer and creator of many formats and owner of his agency Unconventional Events which every year creates events for thousands of people presenting his formats and events including Monsterland, Holi and follows many other proposed productions and formats. and developed together with Lele who has been collaborating with Willy for years and follows all his formats and projects. The brand “Sorry I’m not a deejay” by Andrea Decuzzi, who continued his streaming and artistic direction experience after the radio project in Tulum in Mexico presenting interviews and talks with guest artists and partners”!

Here you have a list of artists that played in the store & concepts that supported the events, and it was really intriguing!

Alex Neri
Alex Rubia
Andrea Geronzi
Cristian Croce
Double W
Federico Gardenghi
Federico Grazzini
Gauthier DM
Gianluca Pegoiani
Jonny N’Travis
Lele White
Lucky Luciana
Piero Acinapura

This is  the official billboard!