Cocoricò Riccione hosts Galactica, with Indira Paganotto, Ellen Allien & many more!

Cocoricò Riccione hosts Galactica, with Indira Paganotto, Ellen Allien & many more!

The event will take place Saturday, April 20th, 2024.

The organizers said:” Cocoricò is bringing its famed festival brand Galactica back to the venue for what promises to be another epic night of slick techno cuts. Taking place on Sunday 20th April, the full lineup for Galactica Cocoricò has just been dropped – and it’s certainly not one to be missed.

Returning to Cocoricòs hallowed dancefloor, Spanish supremo Indira Paganotto will be on hand to supply another attention-grabbing set brimming with her trademark eclectic sounds. Berlin techno luminary Ellen Allien will also be serving up her signature techno rave fusion, with Texan techno powerhouse Sara Landry bringing a dark yet divine concoction of relentless industrial beats. Famed for their performative blend of punk inspired hardcore, Italian DJ duo ANKHH complete the Pyramid lineup.

Over in the T-Room, ‘the Italian future of techno’ and Cocoricò regular and Mattia Trani will be shaking things up with a special breakcore set. Roman producer K91 will ensure the beats coming hard and fast, with Turin based DJs Marbox and Sizing teaming up for another bass and groove heavy back-to-back.

With the announcement of Galactica Cocoricò comes the start of a captivating collaboration between the iconic venue and high-end clothing brand – A Better Mistake (ABM). Intertwining Cocoricò’s pulsating energy with the innovative aesthetics of ABM, the partnership kicks off with an extremely limited run of t-shirts to coincide with the Cocoricò Galactica pre-sale. These t-shirts will include a ticket to the event and can only be picked up exclusively at the Galactica store on-site of the evening of the event.

United by a shared passion for pushing boundaries and redefining experiences, Cocoricò’s vibrant nightlife culture combined with A Better Mistake’s avant-garde designs promises a fusion of fashion and music that will resonate with techno lovers around the world. With Cocoricò’s legendary status as a cultural hub and A Better Mistake’s flair for unconventional style, this collaboration heralds an exciting journey into the realms of sensory delight and sartorial innovation, promising an electrifying convergence of two distinct worlds.

Tickets for Galactica Cocoricò are available here.

Galactica x ABM T-Shirt Drop + Ticket available here. ”

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