Streetparade Zürich 2022 : finally the parade is back!

After two years of pandemic, the most colorful music event of the year is back. On Saturday, August 13, 2022, the Love Mobiles of the 29th Street Parade will roll around Zurich’s lake basin. With the motto «THINK.» the organizers want to encourage people to think. Whoever thinks, acquires knowledge and knowledge is the key to peaceful, tolerant and sustainable coexistence.

The Street Parade is back. «We are overjoyed to celebrate the 29th Street Parade this summer after a two-year break», enthuses Joel Meier, president of the Street Parade Zurich association. In late summer, for the 29th time, the Limmatstadt will become the unique techno festival capital, the hotspot for electronic music. In times when borders are are closed, territories are taken and walls are built, tolerant people from all over the world come together and unite on the streets of Zurich – it’s Street Parade. A community wants to dance, laugh, flirt and celebrate the joy of life – for peace, joy, generosity and tolerance. Cross-generational and open-hearted, these values of the Street Parade are lived out in dance at the largest techno event in the world in a dancing way. With the motto «THINK.», the organizers want to encourage visitors to think. Because only those who give free rein to their thoughts can confirm their own actions and prejudices, check them off or even – readjust them. Joel Meier: «Our society often forms opinions without knowing the background. Fast-moving events, also influenced by social media, make us impatient, naïve and vulnerable.THINK. – Knowledge is the yield of thoughts, and thoughts are the key for a peaceful coexistence of our cultures, no matter to which religion, skin color, origin or sexual orientation people belong. Artwork by Zurich artist Feggy Min The Street Parade poster subject was illustrated by artist Feggy Min. The 33-year-old Swiss woman with Turkish roots is passionate Illustrator with worldwide recognition. «If I’m with a work of art to start, I never draw a sketch beforehand, just start and let my raw imagination and emotions take over. Just like on an exciting journey into an unknown world.» This is how this year’s Street Parade visual, which shows what is happening on the street, was created colourful, action-packed and atmospherically reflected. >

So Welcome back Streetparade!

Credits: pictures furnished by Streetparade.