Ibiza By Night meets Mayze X Faria: the interview!

Jonh Mayze and Miguel Faria (in the picture below) met during EUROs 2004’s summer playing in the same club in Braga in the north of Portugal. The football team of their country made an insane job and they were the second best team in Europe that year and the two DJs earned the strongest thing they can find on eachother: loyalty and friendship since that time. Seventeen years later, they lived a rollercoaster experience along this journey with tours in several countries, the X Radio Show, the live streams (X Places and Originals), and they released massive tracks with their unique sound. Today in Ibiza Party we are knowing more about this emerging Portuguese duo of House Music and Tech House. Please welcome – Mayze x Faria

IBN: We know you like this place so much, you gave the name of this beautiful island to a track in 2018 released in the english Snatch Records label. “Eivissa” by Mayze X Faria was supported by some of the biggest names in the industry like Claptone, Solardo, Gorgon City or Sam Divine, who played your music on their radio shows and is still a great track to play. That must be insane since then to our days have this timeless track? 

Mayze X Faria: Yes, without a doubt 🙂 We produced “Eivissa” with the island in mind and the vibe we live in. We used Balearic sounds and a melody that adapts to the nights and festival days that live on the magical island. We were very surprised by the “boom” that the music had on the island and in the world and the various supports that we are very grateful for and it was very gratifying for us to have this feedback. It was a very important milestone in our career. 

IBN: What were your most epic memories at the island Ibiza for you guys?
Mayze X Faria: We think that anyone who sets foot in Ibiza leaves Ibiza with good memories :). Our biggest memory was listening to our song “Eivissa” playing on radios, clubs and sunsets on the island. But we hope to collect more memories during these years to come. We are doing everything to make it happen.

IBN: Would you like to highlight any of the landscapes from Ibiza above others?
Mayze X Faria: This is a little difficult choice because the whole island has its charm and being here to name a few spots would not be fair because all together make the perfect combination and are second to none. But the only one that you can see and admire in any part of the island is the sunset :). It is something that has to be lived and counted :). It is mandatory to visit Ibiza and be on this island that overflows with life and magical places. 

IBN:What surprised you the most from the gastronomy and culture from the island?
Mayze X Faria: The gastronomy is very eclectic and we can find a little bit of everything. But it is clear that the liquors are unique. We can say that every day we can have different experiences. Culture can be summed up with these words: Peace, Freedom and Love for others. 

IBN:Are you planning to go this summer to Ibiza?
Mayze X Faria: As I say I always think that the best thing is to let our music speak louder and with it success make noise. Of course, it is a goal for us to be able to play our music on the island and be part of the enormous atmosphere of joy that we live in Ibiza. Who knows if that won’t be possible this summer :). One thing is for sure, we won’t stop working until we get it.

IBN:Your new remix “Pieces” from the german producer Avaion just came out at the beginning of May. Which is the story behind this one?
Mayze X Faria: It starts like every remix we do. We listen to a song, we like it and adapt its sound to be able to use it in our shows and often share it with DJs friends. Some we launch, others stay in the drawer for the right launch time. But this is a remix of the ones that we had to offer to our fans and that meanwhile entered the playlist of radio and electronic music programs in countries like Portugal, Spain and Brazil. We are really happy with all this receptivity and it is very rewarding for us. 

IBN:On the 28th of May you released an EP by an Italian label. What can you tell us about this new work?
Mayze X Faria: Our EP was released at SwitchLab, an Italian label based in Naples. 
The EP is called “Lady of Love” and has two themes: “Lady of Love” and “Lady of Peace“. This is a more melodic house trip, but with a well-mixed melody. There are two tracks that we played in December 2020 in our Originals project and where we did a 50-minute set with only themes produced by us. We are very excited about this release of our EP “Lady of Peace” with this Melodic House sound first on Beatport reaching other digital platforms on June 26th. 

IBN:Can you share with our team if you are releasing more music this new season?
Mayze X Faria: Yes 🙂 we will have a lot of new music and a lot of news on several continents. This summer 2021 we will have two major releases by publishers from Brazil and the United States of America. It will be a very productive year for the project at the production level. You can expect many surprises soon so stay tuned to our social networks.

THANKS Mayze X Faria!

Credits: Interview by Santiago Sánchez Gallardo