Ibiza 2021? Please keep calm!

In these days we have read many unconfirmed news on social networks.

The usual “well informed about ibiza” (who may have been missing from the island for three years and only write rumors) have already ruled “Ibiza 2021 will not open” or “all the clubs will be closed”.

Now, let’s say it clearly: this  is a gigantic fake news.

At this moment nobody is able to say for sure if and how Ibiza 2021 will open, but at the same time nobody can say “Ibiza 2021 will not open”.

We can only tell you that right now we just have to wait.

And, rest assured, as soon as there is certain, confirmed and hopefully positive news, we will be here to give it to you.

The rumors, and the bad figures, as always, we leave them to others.

We really  hope that Ibiza 2021 can be a season of rebirth and relaunch for the island, but at the moment it is premature to talk about it

Our suggestion is “Ibiza 2021” ? Please keep calm a little longer.