Ibiza By Night meets Kolombo: the interview!

Ibiza By Night meets the dj & producer  Kolombo.

IBN:Introduce yourself and explain what you’ve been doing these past few weeks.

Kolombo:Hi everyone! Im Olivier Gregoire aka Kolombo I am a DJ/producer for nearly 30 years (damn, I’m old!) The past few weeks I’ve touring in Russia and Ibiza and trying to spend some time in studio at home in Belgium. Preparing myself for September that will be very busy with tours in Brazil and Australia.

IBN:Ibiza truly is an iconic party destination. How many years have you been visiting the White Isle?

Kolombo:Absolutely, my first time in Ibiza was around 15 years ago. I’ve been many summers in Ibiza for holiday with my friends and family, apart from the parties we love to chill and enjoy at the beautiful beaches. Played in a few clubs during this time.

IBN: The Closing Party period is always an exciting one, whats been your favourite memory on the island from this time?

Kolombo:Actually I never been in the Island during closing time period. But it must be amazing. It will be my 1st time now with Music Please, I’ll try to catch up a good one to go (it will be hard to decide which one).

IBN:Name one of the best tracks you would play to close out the Ibiza season?

Kolombo:Its hard to choose one but I will try my next release Pause on Kattermuke from Berlin, it’s a more progressive house tune that usually don’t play on that style, curious to see the audience reaction. It will be out end of November, btw.

IBN:You will feature in the MUSIC PLEASE residency at Tantra Ibiza on Tuesday 10th September, what can we expect from your set?

Kolombo:Ibiza it’s where everybody is during summer so I believe it’s a great opportunity to try new tunes and promos. I have a lot to try on next Tuesday. Looking forward!

IBN:Are there any projects you are working on that we should know about?

Kolombo:I had recently a release on SNOE Andreas Henneberg’s label from Berlin. The pack had a remix from him, and it went very well. After that we decided to make a collab, I already very happy with what we have done so far. Celebrating my Australia tour in October I’ll have a release on Unknow for my track Code & In and other release with a remix from myself for Funboys at same label. I’m very excited for both projects!

IBN:What should new visitors to The White Isle expect from the Closing Party season?

Kolombo:Loads of fun! We’re are expecting people to celebrate with us the end of the season of this challenging project! Ibiza has a lot of parties and it was very good to have this experience! Hope to see you all next year!