The clubs of West End (San Antonio – Ibiza) will close at 3.00 AM?

Soon more restrictions could arrive  for the acoustic emission in the area named  “West End” in San Antonio, Ibiza.

Ibiza by night already talked about it (read here)  news was reported by all the Ibiza media (look here for Periodico de Ibiza)

 The Ayuntamiento of San Antonio is improving the  start of  the procedure to obtain the declaration of “Zona de Protección Acústica Especial (ZPAE)” for the area named “West End”,  one of most famous areas for the movida in San Antonio.

When this area will be declared “Zona de Protección Acústica Especial (ZPAE)” we can expect many changes and limitations for acoustic emission, and – important aspect-  the bar and clubs should close at 3 am, plus  the “Terrazas” should be removed at 11 pm.

Ibiza by night, as usual, will update you about this important theme for the upcoming season 2018.