Do you wanna rent an apartment in Ibiza for summer 2016? Some useful suggestions…

It’s April and – as all the years – many people have already written to us asking for suggestions about ‘when’ and ‘where’ to rent an apartment in Ibiza for next summer.

So we decided to repost, with more details, a previous article.

First of all, the team of Ibiza by Night does not work in any field of Real Estate and we don’t rent apartments. Just to be clear!

We decided to write this article, because we like to support our readers and our community and we hope we can help them too.

Also, in summer 2015, we heard about many ‘bad’ experiences regarding the business of Real Estate in Ibiza.

Today we are going to talk about rentals in Ibiza.

We have heard – also last summer- about people who arrived in Ibiza and couldn’t find the apartment they had rented, and also that the “mediator” (who had already received some money in advance) had disappeared , or –and this is more frequent, some people told us that they found the apartments were completely different from the pictures…

Summer 2016 in Ibiza is not far away, many people are planning to rent an apartment by just finding a website… or a FB profile. This could be a big mistake!!

Our suggestion is: Pay a lot of attention!! In Ibiza, there are many honest and professional Real Estate agencies and agents working in this field, but there are also a small number of dangerous scammers.

So, here are some suggestions for you: The first, and most important piece of advice: ONLY contact agencies or agents that you have proof are actually on the Island; check that they have an office, an existing address and a dedicated e-mail.

You should also check beforehand that they have all the correct licenses and titles required by Spanish law and, of course, that they have a good reputation!

If they are not able to provide you proof of these basic requirements, well… there is a high possibility that the beautiful but not expensive apartment that you saw in the picture doesn’t exist.

Second suggestion: if you don’t know Ibiza very well, check on a map where the apartment that you are renting is located. When you organize your holidays in Ibiza, firstly you must have a clear idea of what ‘type’ of vacation you want.

For example, if you like the sea, the beach and a quiet area, a location such as Es Canar or Santa Eularia would be interesting. But, if you are a clubber, and you want to go several times to Pacha, Amnesia, Space or Ushuaia you need to know that it is at least a 25-30 minute drive each way (slightly less from Santa Eularia).

So, it’s very important that you choose the area where you will spend your holidays taking in to consideration these aspects.

And finally, never forget: Ibiza is not a cheap island.

If you want to rent an apartment in a good place, it will have the appropriate cost. When you find somewhere with cheap prices, pay a lot of attention: you could be lucky, but the chances are that not everything is as it appears.

For this reason, Ibiza by Night, over the next few months, will interview certified and serious operators to give you useful suggestions to enable you to avoid scams and scammers! But don’t forget the other suggestion: it’s important that you rent directly from people that are actually based on the island.

If you see on the web or on Facebook the profile of someone as “NAME Ibiza, Barcellona” and when you talk to them they say that they are based in Barcellona (or any other place…) well, don’t waste your time and money.

Why? Easy, because you will just be paying double commission. 90% of the time, this person doesn’t directly manage anything in Ibiza. They will be using a sub-Agent.

They will contact someone else in Ibiza, and you will just end up paying double the commission. So, if you want to save time and money, we suggest you contact agencies or agents based on the island. Don’t forget to check the reputation of these people and, if you have a trusted friend on the island, ask them to check the quality of the apartment before you commit to anything.

It will be better for you! So, take heed of these suggestions…and, because our island is such a fantastic place, organize a great and unforgettable Summer 2016 in Ibiza!?


 The team of Ibiza by night wishes to say many thanks to our friend Emma Manley for the editing!